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Tamarindo is a city and district located in the west-central province of Guanacaste on the Nicoya Peninsula, on the Pacific North Coast of Costa Rica.
Once a village of quite a few fishermen, Tamarindo has evolved to be the most developed and accessible tourist town of the area, offering visitors the chance to experience unspoiled beaches of the region and incredible biodiversity and with a variety of accommodations.
Despite the recent and permanent development of the city, Tamarindo maintains the relaxed atmosphere, so characteristic of the region.
Tamarindo has a wide variety of good international and typical Costa Rican restaurants. There is a Belgian bakery as well as vegetarian restaurants and grocery stores, souvenir shops and clothing stores, a medical clinic and a bank.
The main attractions are navigation and eco-tourism and beaches.
The region's beaches are generally clean thanks to the recent efforts of the government and local business organizations.

Separated from Tamarindo by the Matapalo River, is Playa Grande, with numerous natural pools that are exposed at low tide. However, navigating along Playa Grande is ideal. The city hosts several international surfing competitions.

At Playa Grande it is also where leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs. The turtles come to the beach from November to April, digging their nests up to one meter deep, lay their eggs and cover the hole with sand, returning to the sea. After 60 to 90 days, the children emerge and immediately make their way to the water.

There are other "eco-friendly" activities, including watching the turtles during the nesting season at night; diving, body surfing, zip lining, estuary tours, horseback riding and fishing.

During the period from December to April, when the turbidity is low, fishing can be done from the coast.

Visitors looking for luxury accommodations can do so south of Playa Grande on Playa Langosta, an immaculate white sand beach near the San Francisco River.

Playa Tamarindo in Guanacaste, is a long beach, with excellent waves near the mouth of the estuary.

Currents can be strong, especially at low tide. Tamarindo has two main zones for advanced surfers: Pico Pequeño a rocky point in front of the Hotel Tamarindo Diria and the excellent and calm river mouth, in front Tsunami Cabins called El Estero. The rest of the beach areas are perfect for learning. The largest waves can reach up to 12 meters, although only during November and December.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of Tamarindo is its proximity to the Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge, which encompasses 1,000 acres of gorgeous protected forest including abundant mangroves and estuaries. Tours of fascinating plant and animal life can be organized from Tamarindo, including canoe tours of coastal habitats. To the north of the city is the Las Marinas National Marine Park, which offers visitors the opportunity to see the world's largest reptile, the leatherback turtle, come to earth to lay eggs. Also nearby is the Ostional Wildlife Refuge and Barra Honda National Park.
Typical meals are very simple and homemade dishes are based on rice, beans, corn, vegetables, meat, chicken or fish and usually served with corn tortillas. These dishes are consumed daily in the homes of Tamarindo.

Usually the breakfast consists of a plate of rice and black beans, known as "Gallo Pinto", which is usually associated with eggs, corn tortillas and cream.

At lunch the "Casado", the most popular, a dish with rice and beans, fried bananas, salad, cheese, chopped vegetables and a choice of meat, chicken or fish.

And the soup is the dinner plate.

As desserts are common coconut caramel pudding flan, dumplings, pineapple chiverre, rice with coconut milk ..

As for drinks there are tasty and healthy like fresh water, tamarind, chan, horchata drinks (fresh tropical fruit made with water or milk, ice and sugar).
Tropical climate all year round has an average temperature of about 32 ° C.
The climate of Tamarindo has two seasons, dry and rainy season. The dry season, which runs from November to April, is dry, hot and sunny, with very little humidity.
The rainy season begins in late April or early March and continues through October. A typical day is sunny or partly cloudy during the afternoon or evening, when rains occur in the interior of the country and move to the coast, often producing bright sun. Everything is green and abundant during this season. Although there are hurricanes in the area, a hurricane or tropical depression in the Atlantic often takes rainfall to Tamarindo. The mean precipitation ranges from 100 to 300 mm.
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